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Leaving BT Broadband


I have been a BT customer for several years.

Basically I ended up on a rolling contract. BT phoned me up explaining they could sign me up for 27.95 for 100mb download with a static ip. I was told I would not require any equipment change and all services would continue as normal as I explained how vital this was to my business. BT following this cut me off and my broadband has not been working since. I have lost several thousand pounds. I can provide all details of conversations to this effect and the original paper work.I have since being trying to leave BT to no avail.

To begin- BT are now saying they cannot offer me broadband with 100mb download with a static IP despite the original contacting saying this.

An engineer visited my property and informed me that they could not fit sockets to the outside wall. Hence no broadband. It was reported back that all was fine, completely different to the experience when they visited the property.

Since that day I have spoken to complaints to try to move away from BT. Based on the fact that they say they can’t offer the product in the contract for the price and the fact that they can’t fit the sockets so I am without broadband. Which I think is perfectly reasonable to leave based on:

1) Missold product. Being told no downtime, no equipment change required. Substantial downtime and costs to my business. 

2) Not being able to provide broadband after an engineer visit.

3) Not being able to offer the price in the contract or any service.

I am going round in circles between complaints, technical, sales, billing for the numerous issues and getting nowhere.

Please can someone advise how I can leave BT as it’s really not worth the hassle. I have dealt with some poor companies over the years. BT are the worst by a mile.

Any advise on how I can move away from BT would be appreciated? I need to obtain all data they hold of file based on GDRP rules? 

Any other business that has had similar experience and how you left BT would be most appreciated? 



Hi Mecham


I'm sorry your complaint isn't being handled properly. Can you please send me a private message with some account details so I can look into this for you?