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My replacement router has my old router's SSID with the same password AS WELL as new ones


My BTB Smart Hub was damaged by lightning.  BT sent a replacement very quickly.  I couldn't understand how my wifi-connected printer was still working, also my LIFX smart bulbs, since I had not re-configured these with the new wifi details.


It turns out, my new hub is transmitting the old wifi and accepts the old password.  Even if I turn off the new hub's 5GHz and 2.4GHz wifi, I can still connect to the internet.

Unfortunately, the old network is not split into two bands and no new gadgets will connect as I am unable to split the 2.4 and 5GHz bands.  Many Internet of Things will only connect to a 2.4GHz network.

I have now reconfigured my printer and LIFX bulbs to the new network.

Even now, if I connect to the old wifi, my computers can ''see' and interact with all the things on the new wifi network.


I definitely turned off the old unit before turning on the new one as I used the same power supply.



Hi Kelper,


The in-life support team have come back to me;


my new hub is transmitting the old wifi and accepts the old password’’ 
this can’t happen unless someone has configured it for the customer.


Unfortunately the two bands are combined and many IoT gadgets won't connect. 

Is this because of the lightning strike maybe, we have lots of customers using IOT devices without issue


If BT does this to help customers, can you make it so the two bands are split?”

No, splitting the WiFi bands caused problems in the past, hence why it was removed. 


They have asked me to come back to them with any further query you have so if you have a follow up I can take to them just message me.


Thank you




Thanks for this information.