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Hi All, I have a farm property that has had three copper phone lines installed for some time each with a unique number and each with its own contract including broad band. Lines are installed to the yard the office and the house. The house has been in for 30 plus years.

Our village is being upgraded to fttp so we placed three orders.

Two of the lines have been upgraded no problem and we are very happy with the result.

The third line, which is the house, is a apparently a problem. We were sent the new hub and a phone adaptor. We had provisional appointments for outside work and final instal. We had the final instal date put back from 5th July to 17th July to 21st July then to 31st July. The outside work was due for completion before 5th but was never confirmed and has been pushed back a day at a time until finally the order tracker tells me the order has been cancelled.

My wife and I have spent many hours on the phone to any number of different departments until finally a guy in the technical department tells us a mistake has been made and we have no NAD key for the house. We have no idea what the mistake is or how it has come about. We are just left hanging with no solution proposed, no one owning this problem and no current way forward.

is there anyone that can offer some support to investigate and/or point us the right direction to get us back on track? 



Hi Frustrated19


I'm sorry you've had issues with the order due to the NAD key. Can you send me a private message with some account details so I can have a look into this for you?



Depending on your country, there may be regulatory agencies that oversee telecommunications services. In the US, for example, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) handles such matters. You can check if there's a similar agency in your country that you can contact for assistance.