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New Broadband Line - Help!!


We moved into a new office around a week ago and have found that we are struggling to identify what broadband we can get. The site is served by 3 cabinets although I have narrowed down our building to two, depending what address you put in depends on what you can get - we are talking the difference between 8Mb/s & 60Mb/s! Problem we have is that the site has been split into many offices over the years and there are several DP's on the site.


So today I managed to gain access to the comms cupboard which I think serves our offices, I have been told by others that there is 'no capacity' on the VDSL side but from what I can see there might be - however I cannot identify what actually serves our office. There are 4 unused phone points (with old exchange line numbers), one being an old BT Highway line; all these lines are dead. One one working line which is currently used by another office (extension lead through the ceilling) but as all these old or existing lines seem to be within Openreaches network how do I tell what is connected to what?


I am tempted to order a service and see what happens but don't want to be charged for something I can't actually get or an abandoned visit! Is there a way this can be confirmed, I have all the DP numbers & old exchange / ISDN curcuit DN's so is it possible to say what can be provided?? 


BT Employee
BT Employee

Hi Hippey


Very sorry to hear about all the confusion. It can be quite difficult to narrow down exactly which line is which. If you send me a PM with a few of those numbers though I will have a look for you and we can see if we can sort this out.