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PPPoE Username, Password, and Settings for BT Business ADSL


Hello everyone,

I am reaching out to this community in hopes of finding assistance with a technical challenge I'm currently facing. I'm having some difficulty obtaining and setting up my PPPoE credentials for my BT Business ADSL service.

Previously, I was using a BT router, but I've decided to switch over to a Zyxel router that I prefer. The Zyxel router requires a PPPoE connection and thus, I need the PPPoE username and password to configure it properly.

While I've searched high and low, I can't seem to find the original welcome letter from BT,

If anyone in this community has experience with BT Business ADSL and configuring a non-BT router with the necessary PPPoE credentials, I would greatly appreciate your input. Specifically, I am looking for assistance with:

  1. Locating or retrieving the PPPoE username and password.
  2. The settings to set up a PPPoE connection on a 3rd party router (I have seen this but several posts here share different settings.

I understand that the PPPoE username often ends with "" or "", but I'm unsure of the exact format or where to find my specific username. As for the password, I'm completely in the dark.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I'm looking forward to learning from your collective wisdom and experience.



There is a generic username of '' / no password, but this will not give you a static IP address.  BT should provide you with a unique user/pass and this will have a domain like ''


Hi mlaurent


Can you please send me a private message with some details so I can look into this for you?