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Port forwarding not working


I have a BT Business Smart Hub on FTTP, recently installed. I have been trying to get Team Viewer to go straight through to one private IP as we used to do on our Draytek router. This was the setup on the Draytekport redirection.jpg

This is what I have tried on the BT Hub according to the instructions but it does not work.


Port forwarding.jpg

Any idea where I am going wrong? Any advice gratefully received. We have a static public IP address OK.




BT Employee
BT Employee

Hi sjt01


Hope you are well! That is a strange one as it looks like you are doing that correctly - do you get an error when you try to save? Or does the port show as open but the device still not work when connecting via the router? Either way I think you will likely be best speaking to our 2nd line team about this one. 


I would recommend you contact us via livechat here - where the team can take a look and pass you through to our 2nd line team between 9am-4pm. They would be able to check this one out in greater detail for you and help you resolve this!





Thanks for your response


I have been on the phone to support a couple of times. and it has been escalated each time. The first time the support (Glen) thought the hub was faulty, so sent me another which behaved exactly the same. The second support (Thomas) decided that port forwarding was not possible on an Ultrafast Business Hub 6 and would send a Hub 5 which should work. Instead of receiving a Hub 5, I got another Hub 6, this time (as has happened before) one that is ADSL only, no WAN port. Support yesterday said the Hub 5 was still on its way but no sign of it yet. At present I have two non-port forwarding Hub 6 and two ADSL only Hub 6.


I am getting to the point of buying a Draytek or something similar that will work, but then I do not have the 4G dongle for backup, and I guess I will no longer have the BT Wifi for public use as well as my own channel. The 4G backup was one of the reasons I selected BT as FTTP supplier.