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IPv6 Network status disabled


I cannot get connected with IPv6 using Hub 6; the IPv6 Network Status is saying, “Disabled” in the Hub Manager. I should add I have FTTP and 1 static IPv4.

I spoke with 3 Tech support persons today, each gave me a different reason for the “Disabled” Network status:

  1. IPv6 is not available for Business FTTP
  2. When you have 1 static IPv4 address it is not possible to have IPv6 – Ipv6 only works if you have dynamic IPv4
  3. The exchange (Wantage) is on legacy equipment that doesn’t support IPv6.

I know it is not a problem with the Hub, as I get a similar message from my Draytek 2860 when it is trying to connect with IPv6 (Time out waiting for response).

I would like to get to the bottom of why it is not possible to connect with IPv6 and having received 3 very different reasons from tech support, I’m not convinced the issue was sufficiently understood.

Any help would be appreciated.


BT Employee
BT Employee



Sorry to hear you are having these issues. I believe the reason for this is that your account (as it is FTTP) is likely built on our older systems in which you cannot have an IPV6. If you get back in touch with us an enquire as to whether or not your account is a legacy account - if it is, that will be the reason you cannot get the IPV6. I fully understand that is not ideal, but currently there is no workaround for that unfortunately. That could all change in the future, but as of right now there is no way to provide IPV6 on that line likely.


My apologies about that - as I say best to get back in touch with us just to double check though.





Many thanks for the quick reply, Ryan.