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SMart Hub 2 Causes Business Network To Fail



Wondered if anyone had any ideas. 

I have a business network which has domain controllers, sql servers, mail and laptops etc.  I have moved to BT because Plus Net are closing their business services. I was switched from Plusnet to BT over weekend and now using Smart Hub 2 my internal network ceases  to function as it should. As far as I can determine as soon as the Broadband connection is established none of my users, apps, databases can access or authenticate against the Domain controllers and so all fail. If i disconnect from the Broadband everything works as it should.


The only thing which seems plausible is the Smart Hub 2 is forwarding all local traffic out to the WAN when broadband connection is establish rather than non local traffic. There are static routes the support this theory but the cannot be disabled nor can DNS servers. 


At this time I have reverted back to my router/VDSL modem which is working fine. I was hoping to use the Hybrid config for resilience but this doesn't seem likely at the moment. It seems beyond belief  a so called Business Smart Hub will not actually work in a business environment,


If anyone in the community has any ideas or thoughts just in case i have missed anything






What subnet mask are you using?  Are you using the unique username and password that BTB mailed to you?

I have a simpler setup and the Smart Hub 1, so I can't be of more help.

You could put the Smart Hub in Bridge mode and use any router........


I gather you have a quite elaborate LAN setup, a lot more sophisticated than mine however I've encountered some issues with the hub that might be similar to yours.


I had been using an exclusively IPv4 setup before, it was what I was used to. However the BT smarthub also configured IPv6 and this had some odd consequences. The main one was that devices that previously connected locally using IPv4 now used IPv6, and in turn this caused some whitelistings to fail. A server was configured to accept connections from IPv4 private range 192.168.x.x but suddenly it was seeing IPv6 addresses which it blocked.


I'm wondering if you're seeing something similar, and your domain controller was happily authenticating over IPv4 but suddenly it is seeing IPv6 and treating it as an intrusion?


Also assuming you are using a private IP range you have configured both routers to use the same IP range I take it?


Can your VDSL router use the shmarthub as a wan gateway ?


If it does, put all your equipment back where it was, behind the previous router and just use the BT hub for routing.

That way nothing gets out unless you want it to.


I changed the BT internal network range from 192.168.1.x to to prevent confusion.

It does add another NAT layer but this isn't a high speed connection anyway.