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Shocking!! Customer Service


I telephoned BT this morning, yet again after having to send staff home from the office due to poor internet which keeps dropping in and out and a crackling phone line.

Four weeks ago the Fibre Optic team of Duncan, Izzy and Jack promised first by Izzy that the best suggestions since we have a ADSL line to move to full fibre optic. This was discussed via several conversations with our account Manager Izzy. Izzy was so poor at her job as she talks really really fast and made a lot of promises - unkept) that we were passed to a team mate Jack Brewer and then Duncan.  Duncan told us he would investigate the matter and came back and said ' no order had been made'. We thought we had found an email regarding the order - but not. Duncan did not get back to us, but closed the order. We had tried to call Izzy our Account Manager who had made the initial promise - at least 11 times, then received a call from Duncan 'asking what do we want - as seen we have called Izzy'. I politely, told him the reason and he said, ' I am dealing with it'. That was the last time  I heard from Duncan apart from the 'case closed 'email which we received.


Today 23 May 2024 my first call started at 11.05am, where I asked to speak to someone first in the complaints department. I have been passed from 'pillar to post' until 2.11pm . Over 3 hours on the phone. The most complete advice was from Ian Crooks, knowledgeable, polite and understanding. Ian explained that the building that I am in my current line is ADSL which has not been working properly. He offered me a couple of other packages, which he also understood that the organisation could not afford, as we are a small charity. He suggested that I should keep my phone line and perhaps negotiate having broadband reduced just keeping my phone line has it is digitally based. If I cut off my broadband entirely then I would also lose my telephone line as well. So I should speak to the team. 

Altogether today I have been passed to 5 persons, who could do nothing about the long wait since 11.05 today. I am still on the phone with BT as I am typing this message at 14.19pm. I am talking now to Pankaj Raina - he seems more helpful as well. He says that their system is taking a long time and he is now checking my internet - WHICH has been done several times today and it will need an engineer to come out.

I am aware that BT cannot provide or support a proper service and this has been stated to me several times today.

Why will they not pass me to complaints department? Who is going to reimburse us for loss of business due to the surmount of promises and lack of business we are receiving. Why?? am I still paying for Broadband and telephone - telephone lines are crackling and BT are aware of all of this but are taking us a merry dance.

I am tired and frustrated at how we have been treated.



Hi Shirley-Mc


I'm sorry you've had such a poor experience. Can you please send over a private message with some account details so I can look into this for you?



As of writing (25 July) I’ve been on/off with BT Customer support for nearly 4 hours now. Al I’m after is an engineer to move my access point to another room. I wholeheartedly agree their customer service is beyond shocking. Repeatedly being ask to repeat my details only to be cut off after being passed through every Indian employee BT has.