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Smart Hub 2 - To use as a standard hub



I have a BT Smart Hub 2 and FTTP.

I have managed to set up my hybrid Ubiquiti/BT network so that the USG is the degault gateway connected over PPOE, however i wish to continue using the Smart Hub 2 as a standard hub so the BT Discs around the property continue to work (dedicated AP's for the BT wifi) alongside the Ubquiti AP's.  The USG is connected to a switch 8


Is it just a simple case of connecting the Switch 8 to Smart Hub Lan ports because last time i tried anything that was connected to the Smart Hub/Discs lost their internet connection but the Ubiquiti hardware worked fine?

Do i need to turn off the FTTP setting on the Smart Hub 2  for the above to work ?






Setting up a hybrid network with a BT Smart Hub 2, Ubiquiti hardware, and BT Discs can be a bit complex, but it's possible to have them coexist and work together. Here's a general approach you can try:

  1. Connect your BT Smart Hub 2 to the FTTP modem and make sure it's set up and working correctly as your primary router with internet connectivity.
  2. Connect your Ubiquiti USG (Unified Security Gateway) to one of the LAN ports on the Smart Hub 2 using a separate Ethernet cable.
  3. Configure the USG to use PPPoE and set it as the default gateway for your network. This will allow it to manage the internal routing and security features.
  4. Connect the Ubiquiti Switch 8 to one of the LAN ports on the Smart Hub 2, ensuring that the USG is upstream from the switch.
  5. Connect your Ubiquiti APs to the Switch 8. These APs will now provide Wi-Fi coverage and work alongside the BT Discs.
  6. Configure the switch to handle the VLANs and any necessary network segmentation required by the Ubiquiti network setup.
  7. On the BT Smart Hub 2, you may need to disable or adjust certain features such as the firewall, DHCP server, or NAT settings to avoid conflicts with the USG. Consult the Smart Hub's user manual or support documentation for guidance on making these changes.
  8. Test the connectivity of devices connected to both the Ubiquiti APs and the BT Discs. If any devices lose internet connection, you may need to troubleshoot further and adjust network settings accordingly.

Regarding the FTTP settings on the Smart Hub 2, it's generally recommended to keep them enabled to ensure proper communication with the FTTP modem. Disabling these settings may cause connectivity issues with your broadband service.

Remember, these instructions provide a general guideline, and your specific network setup may require additional configuration or troubleshooting. If you encounter difficulties or have specific requirements, it's recommended to consult the user manuals or support resources for your BT Smart Hub 2 and Ubiquiti hardware.