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Smarthub 3 Incoming Ping


I have recently had a BT Smarthub 3 installed at my business premises, an upgrade to my Smarthub 2, at the same address.


I have a static public IP address at the premises in order that staff can use VPN to connect to the LAN. The VPN server settings have not changed but the VPN stopped working after the Smarthub 3 was installed. I investigated further and as part of this, I turned on the response to incoming pings under the firewall configuration. Incoming pings however did not get a response from external networks. I then turned off the firewall briefly to check if I got a response from incoming pings but it still did not work. My conclusion was that there must be an issue with the Smarthub 3 in that my public IP is always being hidden through a firewall within the Smarthub3 that cannot be turned off for some reason. 


I called BT business support and after many hours on calls, got put through to the second line tech support. Their solution was to revert to using the Smarthub 2(!) They suggested the incoming ping is a known issue with functionality on the Smarthub 3 and there is a support ticket to get it resolved. 


Is anyone else experiencing a similar issue? It seems crazy that their flagship business router has this limitation. 



On my BTB Smart hub 1, there is a setting under advanced, firewall, configuration to allow or disallow incoming pings.

Maybe the same on your hub?

That option is there on the Smarthub 3 but it doesn’t work! They’ve suggested they know it is an issue 🤯