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Two VDSL connections in to one property



I have an issue with one of the Broadband connections I have at my home. I have a private Broadband (TalkTalk) connection and a BT Enterprise Broadband Connection from my company. I got the BT EBB connection recently in August and since the BT set up the connection, my TalkTalk is not working. On the day BT engineer provided the connection, my TalkTalk connection worked and I was away from the next day for two weeks. When I returned back, since then TalkTalk connection is not working. My question is, should I have two master sockets for each provider?  I have 4 extension sockets + one Master Socket. I tried connecting the TalkTalk router directly to master socket as well as to extension sockets but failed to connect. I checked with both BT & TalkTalk and they just blame each other and TalkTalk confirmed that there's no issue with the line and is working fine. I've attached the picture of the master socket connections. I'd appreciate any suggestions.



BT Employee
BT Employee

Hi Advik


Sorry to hear you are having these issues - I know it must be stressful running back and forth between two providers. The general rule of thumb is that the line with the fault is the line you would need to contact your service provider about. Now I know TalkTalk are advising you that there is no fault, but it really should be them to follows up on this for you, perhaps with an engineer. I am not saying that the fault lays with TalkTalk - but if we got you an engineer out on the BT side of things and the BT line was working - that would result in a callout charge.


I would go back to TalkTalk and explain this to them, and they should be able to look into that one for you!


All the best with this one!