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Unfairly charged and BT ignoring complaints



From around mid June to August 8th, my Internet was unusable, in an effort to improve my Internet without having to switch provider (I can't be without Internet I work from home) I upgraded to BT business, uploads are still running slow and dropping out (1mbps instead of 40, dropping out about 5 times an hour) so they send an engineer out on the 4th August, he finds no internal fault and tells me he'll reset the line (or something of similar wording) and try and find the fault.

Now on 21st September, I receive an engineer Bill of £245 because they didn't find a fault, but 4 days after my engineer visit happened, my Internet was fine again after over 2 months of unusable Internet this doesn't seem like a coincidence.

Not only are BT trying to charge me this (despite being told I would only be charged if it was an internal error) they're also closing all my complaints without replying to me. Aswell as their engineer charge being advertised as £129.99, I feel like I'm being charged unfairly and honestly kind of scammed. I don't know my next course or action as ofcom only deal with complaints over 8 weeks old. Some advice would be much needed. Thank you.


BT Employee
BT Employee

Hi Ndawson97


Very sorry to hear you are having these issues - I would recommend persvering with this one. Your complaints should only be closed if the dealing agent cannot get in touch with you for a period of 28 days, so if it is being closed before that without your consent then that is unacceptable.


I would recommend perservering with this by calling into our technical team on 0800 800 154. If there is an open complaint there they should take the appropriate action to get this engineer charge investigated for you. Also, if there is a closed complaint, said complaint can be reopened for you, rather than a whole new one being raised.


The engineer notes will dictate if the charge is valid or not, but it is something we would have to investigate, so as I say if you give us a call we can look into that for you!