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Unable to connect to network file server over VPN using SMB protocol


Hello all,

Would love any help possible with resolving a problem that my entire business seem to be facing.

Internally we have multiple file servers and due to now remote working need to be able to access these over VPN. For some reason only my users who are with BT have issues with connecting, I myself have actually just moved from Virgin to BT, on Virgin I was able to access the file server without any problems but now I'm unable to.

Any help with this would be very helpful, as a side note, I have already ensured that the web protect is disabled and all other protections are disabled.

Again any help is appreciated.




Master User

You will get more help and quicker if you search Google.  SMB is out of date and deprecated for security issues unless you use Windows 10 or later.   I'm no expert, but I think you need someone to attend and configure your network safely.  Have you contacted your local Chamber of Commerce for advice?  Are you paying BT for 24/7 tech support?

Your VPN provider might also offer advice.