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BTConnect POP Mail Disappearing from iPhone after 5 weeks


I have my BTConnect Email set up as POP on an  iPhone, I have noticed that old emails seem to disappear off the phone after around 5 weeks, I have checked my Settings on the Phone and under Incoming Settings Delete from Server is set to NEVER, also under Deleted Messages Remove is also set to NEVER.


On the office PC the email client is set to remove messages from the server after 31 days, that is also set to POP however, this should not affect the phone as my phone is also set to POP and any messages downloaded to the Phone or PC are stored on the device and it should not matter when the emails are deleted from the btconnect server as being POP as copy should always be stored on the Phone.


This apparently has only started happening in the last year.


Can anyone shed some light on why this is happening, as I am scratching my head on this one. I know that going down the exchange route would be better than POP but my boss wants to keep the BT Connect Email address, I cannot seem to convince him to change.




Hi chrisw74


If you've got the emails set up as you've described, you're right there's no reason they should be getting deleted off the iPhone. I would suggest contacting Apple Support in this case since the behaviour from the iPhone is strange.


I hope you get this resolved!


Grand Master

Just a thought, do you have any apps that automatically 'clean up' storage/cache?

OK Thanks.

Nothing that I am aware of.

Grand Master

Can you set the office PC to leave emails on the server, or leave them on for longer and see what happens?  31 days and five weeks are very close.  Are you sure the iPhone is not just fetching emails online? Can you still access the emails if you turn on aeroplane mode?  I am not a fanboi so no nothing about iPhones 😁

Grand Master