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Btconnect Email Address - how to Export Messages from Webmail


Following BT and Microsoft's decision to no longer support e-mail clients such as Outlook running on Windows (using the POP protocol), business users using a address are now forced (leaving aside access via smart phone apps) to use the Microsoft webmail access via . This is just about usable but there is a server limit on here of 1GB. With 'normal' MS addresses e.g., , there's an Export option under Settings -> General -> Privacy and Data, but this option is missing for btconnect addresses. So the question is how to save many hundreds or thousands of e-mails before deleting them from the server to free up space.

Previously this was easily solved within an email client program such as the Outlook desktop application by exporting them to a separate PST file or local folders. Apparently there is no upgrade option available to these business customers to buy more space. 

Yes, one or two important e-mails could be forwarded to another address but this is clearly not practical for large numbers of messages.

This problem must be affecting many BT business customers, if not now, then soon.
Does anybody from BT have a solution to to this problem? If not it would be deeply disappointing.
Or does BT have a plan to allow their business customers to use Windows/Mac based client programs with IMAP in the near future?

Regards, Shaun.



Hi @Shaun1 


I'm really sorry but there isn't an option to get more space on BT connect. There is also no official way of exporting from webmail but there is an option to upgrade to Office 365 where you can get more space.





Hi VickyK,

Thank you for clarifying that there's no export option from the webmail page. It seems a strange restriction since anyone who signs up for a free Microsoft account using an address is presented with almost the same webmail interface and under Settings -> General -> Privacy and data, there's an Export Mailbox option which is missing for the btconnect users.

It's not clear to me exactly how to upgrade to Office 365. I can't see any option to do this within the btconnect webmail page or via the "My Account" link. Would this require a call to BT and/or Microsoft?

And is it certain that a e-mail address could continue to be used within an MS Office 365 account?




Hi Shaun1


You can contact our Sales team for this on 0800 047 3602.