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How do you transfer pst files to the new (365) e-mail sytem?


I can't find a way of transferring my job based pst files to a folder in  BT Support told me they don't have the knowledge and I should contact Microsoft for help.   I don't know how to obtain Microsoft support for BT's supplied outlook e-mail system.  For me this is a BT issue as they have decided to make this change.


I have many archived Job  PST files and at any one time had several folders active in Outlook client.  With the todays loss of Outlook client I have effectively lost access to my archived Job e-mails as there is no function provided to retrieve existing folders or archive new ones created in


Does anyone have a solution or have I lost functionality with the BT's move to (365) that will seriously impact my way of working.


Power User

I understand that you are facing difficulties transferring your job-based PST files to a folder in after BT's migration to (365). Here are a few suggestions that may help:

Contact BT Support: While you mentioned that BT Support wasn't able to assist you, it might be worth trying again to see if you can escalate the issue or request further guidance. Explain the specific problem you are facing and emphasize the impact on your work.

Use Outlook Desktop Client: Consider using the Outlook desktop client instead of the web version ( The desktop client provides more advanced features and allows you to import PST files directly into your mailbox. You can download the Outlook desktop client from Microsoft's website and configure it with your BT account.

Microsoft Support: To obtain direct support from Microsoft for BT's supplied system, you can visit the Microsoft Support website ( and search for relevant resources or contact options. There may be specific support channels or resources available for BT customers using

Manual Migration: If the above options do not work, you may need to manually migrate your job-based PST files to This involves exporting the contents of your PST files from the Outlook client and then importing them into using the web interface. Microsoft provides documentation and step-by-step guides on how to import PST files into, which you can find on their support website.

Remember to backup your PST files before attempting any migrations or modifications to ensure your data is protected.

It's important to note that these suggestions are general in nature, and the specific steps and options may vary depending on the exact configuration and setup of BT's service. For the most accurate and up-to-date guidance, it's recommended to contact BT Support or seek assistance from Microsoft directly.


Rachel Gomez


Hello Brian-Gay3
Are you using POP email accounts? That's the only context in which your request seems to make sense. If you switch to IMAP for your email, there is a common email repository stored on your email server, and all devices have access to all messages and folders.
If you switch to IMAP, you can upload all your existing messages to the folder system you create, so you won't lose any data. 


You may try third party tool like Kernel Import PST to Office 365.