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I want to change the name on my Outlook account. It is not the name I want displayed to the recipients of my emails. Trying to edit the Outlook account name says can't do, ask IT Department or administrator. I am the IT Department and I can't see how to do it. By ask administrator do they mean BT? If not, who, how?



Hi pamelapuk 


Have you tried these steps?

  • After logging in on the Office365 page click "Outlook" to bring up your email inbox
  • In the top right of the screen you will have a little circle with your initials in it. Click that, and then select "My Account"
  • Once the new page loads, in the top right beside the circle with your initials you will see a little gear or cog icon, that is for your settings - so click on that
  • On the right hand side of the screen a list of options will appear, select "Mail" at the very the bottom. 
  • Now on the left hand side of the screen there will be your mail settings. If you select "General" then "My Account", then you will see your display name. Change this to whatever you would like it to be, and it will update for you within 24 hours.

Please let me know how you get on and if you are still having issues with changing the name. 



@ BethM

In the Outlook mail inbox screen, when I click my initials top right it offers "View Account". When I click this it brings up the screen where, in the profile box, it tells me I can't edit the profile name and email address, to ask IT manager or Admin. The screen shows a lot of white boxes with headings like "Apps Dashboard" and displays "My Account" top left. That's why I am asking how to do it.



When in the Outlook inbox screen, there is a cog wheel on the top purple bar. However clicking this, and then clicking view all settings, gives me a screen with various Outlook settings on the left hand side, for "General" - Language & Time, Appearance and so on - and for "Email" - Layout, Compose and Reply, and so on, but no account name is mentioned on any sub-screen. As in previous reply if clicking the initials icon instead, gives me the screen mentioned in my last reply where it says I can't edit name of account.