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Default Identity when using OWL in Thunderbird


I've set up an OWL account in Thunderbird so I can read, send and store my BT emails locally. It is working. In the Thunderbird account settings, I set the default identity to be my btclick account, to be shown as sender, (this maps to my btconnect when an email is sent). When receiving an email sent from this account the default identity btclick is not shown as I thought it would be, the btconnect details are shown. Have I misunderstood something? What am I doing wrong? How do I get btclick to be shown to the recipient rather than btconnect? (note: the btclick identity is like an alias for the btconnect identity). I use btclick for all my email and it will just confuse people to see btconnect. I've been using btclick ever since BT email first began, many years, a loyal customer. It seems to keep getting degraded.




Based on your description, it seems like you have set up an additional email account in Thunderbird to access your BT emails and configured the default identity to use your btclick account.

Please see below i give you some informaotin to solve your query..


Verify the account settings: Double-check the account settings in Thunderbird to ensure that the btclick account is correctly configured as an additional email account and that the default identity is set to btclick.
Check the "From" field when composing emails: When composing an email from Thunderbird using your btclick account, make sure to select the btclick identity in the "From" field. Thunderbird allows you to choose different identities associated with your accounts, so it's possible that you may have inadvertently selected the btconnect identity when sending emails.
Check the account order: In Thunderbird's account settings, the order of the accounts can affect which identity is selected by default. Ensure that the btclick account is listed higher or before the btconnect account in the account settings.
Check the server settings: Verify that the server settings for the btclick   PayMyDoctor Login account are correctly configured to connect to BT's servers. Ensure that you have entered the correct incoming and outgoing server details for the btclick account.



Yes, I had already done all that. Problem persists.