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Hi, this is my first time using this site. regarding web hosting, has any one else been mis-sold this 'service'? i only recently found out that i have been charged for this since 2010 ! i did not even know what this was until i googled, turns out i have a non exsistent website. the word only appeared on my bill in April, previouse to to then i was charged for "broard band services" obviously i would not voluntry pay for something i do not need, do not want & do not even know what it is! i am thinking that surely BT must have some record? would one not need to register? create passwords? account details etc? i am thinking they must have known that i did not have a website? any help, advice would be appreciated. regards Al.




Hi Bowie1252,


Definitely odd for something like this to just appear on a bill - and you're right, we should have a record of any orders for a service like this. 


Have you spoke to our billing team about this yet? I believe this needs an investigation to look into what has happened. I can look into this for you if you can message me privately with some details of your account?