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How to contact BT about an MX lookup error



I have a somewhat technical question, but I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

I'm supporting a business client who is having difficulty receiving emails from addresses, and I have reason to think it's an MX lookup error on BT's side.

The user sends an email to the company and receives a bounceback as follows. I've removed the company name for confidentiality reasons:


“We tried to deliver your message multiple times over a few days; however, the person's destination email provider has not been reachable or has not accepted this message. We have stopped trying to deliver this message. Please check with the person you are trying to send to that they can still receive emails at this address. Your message was not delivered within 0 days and 0 hours. Host xxxxxxx is not responding.”


However, the host address xxxxxxx which appears in the message is not the address which is used as the company's MX record, which makes me think that BT are looking up the wrong address here. Can anyone advise how I can contact BT about this to rectify it? (Please note that I am not a BT customer, nor is the business client who I am assisting).


Thanks in advice for any assistance.



Hi HVarney


It looks like the email addresses are residential not business. You could reach out to our residential team on 0330 1234 150 or you can message them at one of their contact us options here.