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Mailbox migration to PST


A client of ours is a BT Business email user and has been caught up in the removal of basic authentication problem.  they wish to migrate to using their own domain for email going forward, but clearly don't want to lose the years of email content built up within their current mailbox(es).  Normal practice would be to add the account to the desktop outlook client and export the mailbox as a PST for importing into another platform later. 


Obviously this can't be accomplished when local clients are no longer supported with mailboxes.


OWA doesn't natively allow backup of mailboxes to PST - what are the options for my customer in this case.  do BT offer a migration or backup path via the MyBT portal, will a support call be required to kick something off, or is it just plain impossible (and therefore another excellent reason to jump ship to another platform)?


Thanks in advance




Thanks in advance