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Office 365 requiring migration to POP


I got home yesterday evening to find my computer could not login to my email account. It kept asking me for password verification. No matter what I did I could not login. I could only use my webmail account rather than my computer's direct link. I contacted BT for help and was told Microsoft has changed their protocols and that mi account needs to be migrated away from the Office 365 server to a new POP server. I've seen no notifications about any of this. Nor have I received any communication about this change in any way. I'm told that I will be charged an extra £3.00 per month for the use the new POP server. I am somewhat annoyed at all of this and am wondering if this is all genuine or part of soem elaborate scam. Does anyone else know about this.



Hi @A_Dandridge,


Thanks for reaching out to us today. 


I've checked this with our tech team and this is not a scam. I'm really sorry if you weren't notified as this information should have been sent to our customers in September to let them know about this change.


Microsoft, our email supplier, did change their protocols so domain names no longer work with outlook and the only way for those e-mail accounts to work is via webmail.  If you want to upgrade to Office 365 then it does cost extra and moves you to a different platform so you can use outlook again but that's our customers choice as you can still access your e-mails, it's just via a browser rather than an app on your PC. 


I hope this helps!





Hello VickyK


Thank you for replying. I am pretty upset over this whole affair as it came without warning and has completely screwed up my email system. After my initial enquiry with the BT techinical help I was not sure what was going on. I then received a text saying an engineer would call me at 11.00 am yesterday to go through it all and arrange a migration of my account. That call never happened. I therefore rang up to find out when I would get the call and was first told it would be sometime in March. When I expressed disbeleif at that I was told it would be in the next two hours, which seemed more sensible. That call also never happened. I had to spend all day waiting for a response that never came. What a waste of a day that was! To say I'm unimpressed with BT Business is an understatement and I am wondering why I'm spending all the extra money for support that is non existant. I've had to set up a completely seperate email account with another organisation so that I can try to get back on track. Much of yesterday evening was spent trying to inform my contacts of the change. My thinking now is why am I wasting my time with BT. Your webmail service is go good for me as it is far too cumbersome and anyway I like to have my emails on my desktop anyway.

And to cap it all, I have just now had an email from BT saying my service is now resolved and is up and running! Well, it definitely is not up and running. Nothing has changed at all. Just unbelievable!


Hi @A_Dandridge,


I'm really sorry to hear this.


Please can you click on my name to visit my profile and hit "send a message" in the top right so I can take some more details and look into this for you?






Ditto here - completely without warning - since Tuesday. Have now lost 2 days trying to fix this. Changed password, re-installed and still nothing. Upgrade and spend an extra £3 on top of the charges I have already? My business depends on email - as I'm sure millions of people are.


we have Macs and lost all emails last week - today I got told BT no longer offer support for customers with Macs and to go to a local IT company for help not them - ive no issue paying but they have not advised of any solution 


Power User

Adding the POP/IMAP Migration:
Adding server details for POP/IMAP migration:
Log in to Zoho Mail Admin Console.
Choose Data Migration from the left menu.
Under Migrations, click on Start Migration for the first migration and click Create for subsequent migrations.
Enter a name for the server configuration, for your reference.
In the Select saved server details drop-down, choose to Add new server details.
In the Select Protocol/Application dropdown menu, choose either POP or IMAP.
new IMAP migration
If you have chosen POP, skip to this step. Follow the below step for IMAP:
Select Others for the Source server type.
Enter the source server address.
If your source server recommends Port Number 993, choose SSL under Security, if it is 143, choose None.
Enter the Path prefix, if your source server mandates it.
If you wish to proceed without the SSL certificate check, select the Skip certificate check checkbox, and click Add.
add server details for IMAP
If you chose POP, follow the below instructions:
Enter the name of the configuration, for your reference.
Enter the address of the server you are migrating from in your Source server address field.
If your source server recommends Port Number 995, choose SSL under Security, if it is 110, choose None.
If you are willing to proceed without the SSL certificate check, select the Skip certificate check checkbox, and click Add.
add server details for POP migration

The server details you added will be saved on the Saved Server Details page, and you can use it for performing other migrations just by picking it from the dropdown.



Rachel Gomez

I have a similar problem since 5 Jan with e-mails and Outlook, using a BT-supplied Domain, with BTConnect mails routed to the domain address.  Outlook on all PCs (Windows 10) is via a subscription service Office 365 (direct with Microsoft) and is up-to-date.  Outlook repeatedly asks for username and password.  Access via Webmail works.  Thought it's an authentication problem (the removal of basic authentication) so, despite being on Outlook 2016+, forced Modern Authentication via a registry change but this made no difference.
We have received NO notification of any change and certainly not any additional charges such as £149 (suggested elsewhere) or £3 a month (presumably for Office365 via BT), so presumably this is merely a fault and not a change of policy ...
Not sure I fully understand Rachel's instructions above, in respect of Zoro and SSL certificate ??
May I please request a simpler set of instructions on what I need to change in our Outlook set-up.

Update on my post above.  We were notified (twice) in Oct 2022 about the demise of such access via POP on Email Lite with a domain name but ignored them, confident we were not using that method.  Seems we were, so looks like my problem after all.