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Retaining email address when leaving BT Business


Although I have been retired from business for some years I have continued to pay for BT Business broadband. This was mainly to retain my business name address and the @btconnect address and keep things simple. The contract is coming to an end this month and I would like to move over to a domestic account, either with BT or another. The service, high cost and complexity of a business account is not necessary. However, in the past you would not easily

be able to take your addresses with you (there was such a thing as 'hosting'). I need to keep my addresses for contact with friends and access to programs and Internet accounts etc. Is this possible? Looking at past comments from a couple of years ago, this seems confusing. Thank you, Denis 



Even if an email address stops working this would not affect your logins to third party websites.  However, you would lose the ability to reset a password as they could not contact you.  As your freinds and family probably keep your email address in a contacts section of their phones and emails it is not essential to hold on to your old email address, just email them and tell them you have a new email address.


I suggest you move to Gmail or Outlook and not use an email address tied to your ISP.  Do you need a static IP address?  You would lose this with most domestic accounts.



Hi @DenisFilby,


I'm really sorry but when you leave BT business broadband you would lose the BT connect email address which is attached to this and it isn't possible to move this over to residential.


Sorry about this.





Thank you Vicky. I suspected as much. Annoying because not only is it expensive to keep it going but it is like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. I suppose it is not possible to port the underlying email address to a non BT business provider, as this is the one I use the most?