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MyOffice closure

MyOffice is closing at the end of February 2024. This is so we can focus on bringing you secure and more innovative products and technologies. As one of our older platforms, MyOffice can't be optimised or developed to provide the best and most secure...

Jen1 by Administrator
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BTConnect email addresses and how to access your email

There's been a number of posts on here asking about the future of BTConnect email addresses. Just to confirm - there's currently no plans to remove BTConnect email addresses, the only change is that basic authentication has been replaced by modern au...

BethM by Administrator
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Microsoft’s Changes to applications using Basic Authentication

 What’s changed?    Basic authentication capability has been removed by Microsoft, our email supplier, and many others in the email industry.     Why are these changes happening?    Basic Authentication makes it easier for attackers to capture user ...

VickyK by Administrator
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Wraps - handy email guides

Did you know we have created a number of self-help Wraps you can use? Here are the handy guides we've created to help you manage your emails:   How to manage email storage How to set up emails on your PC or laptop How to set up emails on your mobile ...

BethM by Administrator
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Frequently asked questions - Email and hosting

How do I reset my Email password? Your business email account password is the password you use to log in to your account and webmail. Here’s a link for the guide to change your business email password.   General email settings help When setting up ...

BethM by Administrator
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Unable to access Outlook from my PC

I use Outlook on my PC to download emails from The software is just recently constantly asking for a password which I know is correct as I have used it to log onto Outlook via a webpage.I phoned BT business helpdesk. The person said it w...

Office 365 requiring migration to POP

I got home yesterday evening to find my computer could not login to my email account. It kept asking me for password verification. No matter what I did I could not login. I could only use my webmail account rather than my computer's direct link. I co...


My bt.connect  email has been hacked. I am unable to access it because the password has been changed. I have spoken to bt but they are unable to help me as I cannot answer any of the verification questions. The account was set up years ago by my husb...

Lexicon by Member
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BT office 365 and email limitations

I am trying to help a client who subscribed about a year ago to BT Office 365 thinking that their exchange mailbox size would be 50gb.  They still use a email address with this account and of course despite them signing up for the 365 w...

Domain email Problems

We have a BT hosted domain name (created using 1st DNS in 2001 as advised bt BT), transferred to BT Business (via BT Domains Centre in October 2009.   Our broadband account was BT Business.  We have several domain name email addresses that have worke...

Finding domain account

Hello, We have just taken ownership of a church website and with that a bunch of BT account information. We can log onto the account and can view various bits but not the domain name.I have checked and the domain name is definitely registered by BT a...

Zorell by Member
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Locked out of BTCONNECT Email

Hi All I changed my BTCONNECT email password a couple of weeks back. However this immediately caused me to lose access to my Email with password not being accepted. The password allows me to see and change the Question etc on the BT account but says ...

Cannot receive emails as Inbox Full

Have had several btconnect emails for about 15 years. One is now telling me the Inbox is full so will not receive emails. How do I delete emails as I cannot setup the account in Outlook. I know the outgoing and incoming server details and have copied...