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Wraps - handy email guides

Did you know we have created a number of self-help Wraps you can use? Here are the handy guides we've created to help you manage your emails:   How to manage email storage How to set up emails on your PC or laptop How to set up emails on your mobile ...

BethM by Administrator
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Frequently asked questions - Email and hosting

How do I reset my Email password? Your business email account password is the password you use to log in to your account and webmail. Here’s a link for the guide to change your business email password.   General email settings help When setting up ...

BethM by Administrator
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BT Email blocked because it was used by Spoofers

BT Email blocked because it was used by Spoofers how do I get it unblocked? Simple question but is there a simple answer ? The first thing I would like to point out is - please educate your support people into the fact that because someone is sending...

mikej101 by Power User
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How to get backup of Gsuite app?

Hi, I want to get a backup of my Gsuite accounts, but don't have any idea how to work on it. If anyone has the idea of how to get backup of my Gsuite accounts, please share. 

Email Sender name update

I've got married and want to update the sender name on my BT connect email accountI'm unable to edit it myself via settingsCan anyone advise who to contact please

How to get Backup of Gmail account?

I want to know about the easiest way to get Gmail accounts backup. I have 3 Gmail accounts, now, I want to close 2 of them. But I also have too many important data. And I don't have any idea how to take them up of my Gmail accounts. If anyone has the...

Domain Mapping

Hi there (should anybody read this), Is it at all possible that BT provides domain mapping? I'd like to redirect from an externally hosted domain to my BT site but cannot see where I would map the domain. I have the name servers but the domain manage...

sercon by Member
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Mail attachments

I've just realised that i don't receive mails sent to my mailbox if they contain attachments.  Looking back through my emails, it seems this has been the case for some time, but as i have several other email addresses that I use (where ...

How do we stop our emails being rejected as spam?

Our's is a paid for service, so the only emails we create have been asked for (e.g. User Log In / Password reset emails).I see this message has been posted in the past, but the link for Bulk Sender no longer works:

MNewman by Member
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