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Stop BT sending emails to our trashed email address


Had problems with our new Cloud Works account (don't ask). Spoke to around 11 different people in different departments - as you do when you are transferred from one to the other whilst trying to sort out an issue over several hours. I told each one that our BT connect email address was trashed on the same day as the business number was ported to Cloud Works. Some have even said they have changed the email on our account to the current one we are using, yet even now BT persists in sending emails, invoices, pin numbers etc to an email address we cannot acces. An email address we were told had "just gone" and "is no longer supported". How can I get the message across? I have updated the profile on MyBT as best I can. Any suggestions? 


Power User

Dealing with persistent issues with your BT Connect email address and getting the message across to BT can be frustrating. Here are a few suggestions to help address the problem:

Document your interactions: Keep a record of all the conversations you've had with BT representatives, including dates, times, and names of the individuals you spoke with. This will help you reference the details when discussing the issue further.

Contact BT again: Reach out to BT Support, explain the situation, and provide them with the documented history of your previous interactions. Emphasize the ongoing issue of receiving emails and communications on an email address that is no longer supported or accessible.

Request escalation: If the initial BT representative is unable to resolve the issue, politely request to speak with a supervisor or escalate the matter to a higher level of support. Explain the frustration and inconvenience caused by the continued communication to the incorrect email address.

Provide specific details: Clearly state the email address that needs to be updated or removed from your account. If you have a new email address, provide it again and request that it be the primary contact for all communications.

Follow up in writing: Send a formal written complaint or request to BT's customer service department, outlining the issue, the steps you have taken to resolve it, and your expectations for a resolution. Keep a copy of the written communication for your records.

Social media outreach: Consider reaching out to BT's social media accounts (such as Twitter or Facebook) to bring attention to the ongoing issue. Publicly sharing your frustration can sometimes prompt a faster response from the company.

Seek assistance from regulatory bodies: If all attempts to resolve the issue with BT have been unsuccessful, you can consider contacting relevant regulatory bodies or consumer protection agencies in your country to file a complaint.

Remember to remain persistent, patient, and assertive when communicating with BT. Providing clear and consistent information, along with the documented history of your interactions, will help emphasize the urgency and importance of resolving the issue.


Rachel Gomez