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Unable to receive or send emails


I am using Outlook 2016. No problems within the last 15 years until last week when my clients informed me that the emails I had sent them were not been received, although my outbox confirmed they had. I contacted BT Business, they said that I had been blocked due to a virus, they appolgised for not noticing it earlier, (this had been going on for 12 days) they said they would unblock me straight away. This they did which caused outlook to not recognise my email password (on pop or smtl), and to make matters worse, my outlook and mobile phone can no longer receive emails.

Contacted bt business and they tried using my computer and using their outlook 365, only to crash, they appologised and said a member of the technical department will contact me within the next 24 hrs.

Three days later, I am still without any emails. still waiting for the technical department (who appantently do not work weekends).

Anybody have any idea what I can do to resume receiving emails.




Grand Guru

Hi there dhwheeler,   it looks like your email account needs to get looked at by our 2nd line support team to get it checked out, if you contact us we can get this looked at straight away.





We are a small business who are now struggling to send emails succesfully - getting a message that 'Your email was unable to be sent due the connection to the server being interrupted. Please go to your sent items and resend.'


We've had BT business services since 2007 and use Outlook 2013 - POP3/SMTP email account - so no changes have been made, but we are being crippled with our outgoing emails. Incoming emails are fine.


Having to try 4/5 attempts to resend emails to businesses and clients and that we have contacted in the past with previous issues. They do eventually send, but what could be causing this problem?


Anyone else having the same issue and been able to find a fix?