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Vulnerable person with email - can't access webmail, inbox full


I am supporting a vulnerable elderly person with an email account with a address. Email messages started arriving 'Your inbox is nearly full'.


Usual solution used by client is is to sign in using and clearing the inbox on the server. Client tried to tried to do this but password rejected. Followed prompts to reset password and now when we sign in using we're taken to Microsoft Office page.

Clicking the Outlook icon, there are no emails, and all the folders are empty.

I've spoken with BT support several times - it appears the client has a residential account, but they don't support email addresses.

When I've spoken with BT Business about the email address (which is a business email address) they say they can't help because client has a residential account.

This is rather serious as it's the only email address he has and he is on the vulnerable list and has been told to isolate.  He relies on being able to send a receive emails for all his support as he is unable to leave the house.

If you would be able to point me to someone who could help I would be eternally grateful.

It appears that it would need to be someone who has more of an overview than the first-level support that I've been able to access.