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btconnect e-mail access


My btconnect email has suddenly stopped working. Not sure if still active but use daily.  Please can someone check. I was allowed to keep the address as a concession when a business folded and can understand if now withdrawn but no notice givien. Please can I just have access for a couple more days?



Oh, it's back. Not sure if connected but thank you to anyone who's responded.

Power User

You can access your BT email online from anywhere at any time. You can also access it through an email program or via a smartphone or tablet. Find out more...

Webmail or Web-based email means that you look at your email on a website from any computer or device connected to the internet. 

Using an email client
You can also set up your email to be used with an email client. This is an email program or application on your computer or device, like Apple Mail, Outlook or Windows Mail.

Email client applications store your downloaded emails locally on your device. This means you can still read them even if your computer is not connected to the internet.

IMAP and POP3 are the protocols or technologies that enable you to download your email messages to your computer or device. We recommend you use IMAP with SSL enabled as this will ensure copies of your messages are kept on the email server.

SMTP is the technology that enables you to send email, so whether you're using IMAP or POP3, you'll need to enable SMTP. It's easy - you usually switch it on by ticking a box called 'My server requires authentication' in your email program's settings.

If you don't set up SMTP authentication, you'll get an error 530 failure message when trying to send email messages.

Getting set up on an email client
To set up your email on your computer, laptop or mobile device, you’ll need to know:

Your BT email address or username
The password for it
What device you have (an iPhone 6 or a Samsung 7 for example)
What application you’re using (Apple Mail or Outlook for example)
You’ll also need the incoming and outgoing server settings (also known as the IMAP/POP3 and SMTP settings) for the BT Email service
To protect our email server from abuse by spammers, we require all emails sent through our email service to have SMTP authentication.


This may help you,

Rachel Gomez