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"Windows 10" Problem


So I can't send out e-mail using my BT Connect e-mail address via Outlook 2013 and Windows 10.


This came off the back of getting a "mail relay denied" error which as you can imagine was super fun! After unsuccessfully testing various SMTP settings I am told this is a "Windows 10 issue" and that I'll have to pay £25.00 for a one off support incident or pay a monthly subscription for improved support. Whilst I fully understand this, and I know the department deal with non-BT IT support, I would still rather get the issue sorted for free naturally.


We have the following incoming server address:


We're tried the following outgoing SMTP server addresses:


We've got the SMTP requires authentication ticked, and have double checked our username/password credentials in there.


We have incoming (POP3) server port of 995

"This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)" checked

Outgoing server (SMTP) is 587 and it's a TLS encrypted connection.


"Test Account Settings" returns a successful test yet any messages we create remain in the Outbox and, yes, we've deleted them all, recreated them all, closed Outlook after every settings change, re-opened Outlook.


Anyone else having this issue? Would appreciate any advice / help on this.  Thank you.





I had exactly the same issue and this fixed it for me... in Windows 10 open a cmd window (with admin rights) - type SFC/Scannow this runs for a while and checks for file corruption and fixes any issues with the windows 10 install. Restart outlook if still open and it should now work 🙂


Hope this helps!