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Hi, this is my first time using this site. regarding web hosting, has any one else been mis-sold this 'service'? i only recently found out that i have been charged for this since 2010 ! i did not even know what this was until i googled, turns out i have a non exsistent website. the word only appeared on my bill in April, previouse to to then i was charged for "broard band services" obviously i would not voluntry pay for something i do not need, do not want & do not even know what it is! i am thinking that surely BT must have some record? would one not need to register? create passwords? account details etc? i am thinking they must have known that i did not have a website? any help, advice would be appreciated. regards Al



it took me many months of emails to india & back, eventualy i made contact with a very nice british person & after a lot of haggeling we settled on £200.00 credit to my account. I am not happy with this out come as my other complaints have been totaly ignored. as far as i am concerned BT are the most rubbish company i have had the displeasure to have had to deal with. Quote Meatloaf :" I can't wait until i end this time with you" i will definatly not be renewing contract,     


Excellent Topic Sharing, I am also a new member,




thanks really

Power User

I know you've settled it but if you are keen to do something with your time, creating a website and writing about your hobbies is a very good thing.  I stronmgly recommend people to take up this new hobby.  You don't have to rely on Facebook or Twitter or google Apps.  You control everything and use the BT servers to host your website.


with all business account, you get 50MB free web space but by paying extra, you can get your own domain name and the disk-space is also bigger.  Make a habit of writing one page a day and you'll be amazed you have written a book after one year!!! and in doing so you've acquired a new skill which your friends and family would be proud of.


Me thinks so anyway.