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Domain and webhosting

I have both web hosting and domain with Bt.

I need to move my web hosting to another provider as need web services that by does not offer. I have been on a web chat today and the agent wasn’t able to help. I am not very clued up with how this all links together so some advise without too much tech speak would be gratefully received.

Can anyone advise:

Will I loose the use of my emails ?
Will I loose my btconnect email addresses.?

If I keep the domain registered with bt will my new website need to simply be pointed to this domain hosted by BT and it will not cause any problems with the hosting?
Will I still have access via BT website to set up new users with domain or will this have to be set up via a new email provider assuming I loose access to my email accounts.

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Re: Domain and webhosting

Try this:-

Secure your business name at companies house
Set up an email address
Secure your social media accounts
Get started with email marketing 
Create a holding / under construction page
Add SSL to your domain name
Set up the blank / naked version of your domain
Verify your site with Google Search Console / Webmaster Tools
Add Google Analytics
Don’t let your domain expire


Hope this helps.

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