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How to get Backup of Gmail account?

I want to know about the easiest way to get Gmail accounts backup. I have 3 Gmail accounts, now, I want to close 2 of them. But I also have too many important data. And I don't have any idea how to take them up of my Gmail accounts. If anyone has the solution to my problem, please share.

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Re: How to get Backup of Gmail account?

Hi Diana


There are a few ways you can back up email - the first being you can get software out there to automatically do it for you. I would advise caution with this however, there are lots of malware and scam software floating about these days, so just make sure that whatever software you use is well reviewed and trustworthy.


The other method of backing important emails up, is quite simply just to forward those emails to the email address you are keeping. That way you can house all your important emails in the one spot.




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