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Failover internet for BT Cloud Voice



Please can someone recommend a way of having a backup / failover internet access in the event the bt infinity should be unavailable?


In the past I had a peplink load balancer setup with both a 3g dongle and a 2nd fibre connection by another isp. The peplink load balancer does not seem to be the best option for BT Cloud Voice as it adds another firewall to the equation which creates a high ping rate. I really need something automatic so if I am out of the office it fixes itself in the way the load balance used to work when we were on isdn.

Our computers are also connected to the internet via the Cloud Voice handsets.


Thank You!

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Re: Failover internet for BT Cloud Voice



I have setup a DrayTek Vigor 2860 to have the standard VDSL setup on one line and then setup another broadband line on WAN2 to failover to once it detects that WAN1 has lost its connection.


It works very well and as soon as WAN1 disconnects to takes not even a second to switch over to the WAN2 connection. We also have the ability to failover to 3G/4G if both connections fail.

DrayTek routers are very good at this type of thing I find but maybe some cheaper alternatives if you are on a budget.

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