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BT Business Complaint - WE NEED HELP PLEASE BT


I am putting this message on here in the unlikely event that someone from BT sees it and decides to get in touch. We sent the email contents below to BT on the 12th October because despite a complaint being established on the 21st September no one has provided us with a point of contact for the person who is dealing with our complaint (ref: IMP - 114757496). According to the complaints section on the website everyone at BT Business is trained in dealing with complaints but no one can actually help at all. 


We had a call back from someone on Friday 13th while we were not at work - advising that she was dealing with it and confirming she would be in touch next week. We weren't in a position to take her name down. The next week has now passed and the number she called from does not take incoming calls. We have tried again to contact the numbers provided by various people an no one can or will help - it is a complete fiasco!


Email contents:

Thank you for your email but this is now fast becoming the most disappointing experience we have had with BT and you will be able to see if you look back on our file that virtually everything we have tried to do with BT has resulted in some sort of failing or complaint. Let alone the fiasco earlier this year when the POP email was just removed without notice!


Anyway please can you let us know who we can contact in order to get this resolved ASAP. Since your email last week no one has been in touch. It is now over three weeks since we established that the service agreed to is not suitable for us due to the EE network not working in our house. We have now just received a bill for £1**.**!!! Surely the least BT can do is put the new charges on hold while this is being rectified – it honestly is a joke and no one can even tell us who our complaint is being dealt with. This needs sorting out and we appreciate that you aren’t dealing with it now and you were all very helpful initially but that isn’t good enough now.


We have three phones – one of which we cannot use at all (as it was supposed to be the office phone) and two phones we don’t know if we should be keeping or returning?

We have upgraded broadband only because it was part of the package – we didn’t care about having fibre broadband as ours worked perfectly well for a two person business.

We are now being charged for services we cannot use.








I am very sorry about this. If you can message me directly with 


Your Full name

Contact mobile number 

Company name

Business Account number

Business Telephone number

Full Address including Postcode


I will send you over a PIN by text to gain access and find the complaint. Thank you, Adam