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Packet Loss - UK BT Broadband


Just wanted to see if anyone had any advice on a slight issue I'm having with Geforce Now on BT Broadband in the UK. My speed is 50mbps and on my network test on Ethernet or Wi-Fi Packet Loss is always 0.

Now when I'm playing I limit the bitrate to 35mbps as it looks good to me and then I'm not maxing out the connection on one device. Everything plays completely fine but then I get very occasional packet loss, maybe every 5-10 minutes. It will suddenly shoot up to like 150 packet loss on the stream stats and then return to normal.

Has anyone had this issue with BT or could it potentially be a local issue with my router or cables I'm using? I know 50mbps is recommended but it doesn't seem to be an issue with speed as 99% of the time the stream is great, no lag or input latency whasoever.