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A problem with using a digital phone

  1. Our takeaway store has changed since
    BT Cloud voice contract, use their assigned numbers
    phone service,
    Then our landline was cancelled without notice when we signed up before
    If I go back, I will lose our appeal, which is to use this
    Cloud system, so there is no way to replace it, change the phone and change it
    No., then we order the system phone call manager before
    Can display customer information when calling, mainly to connect the phone line
    , now our contract is network, there is no telephone line, so also
    Unable to link call management, customer information cannot be placed on the computer
    The system shows that it must be copied by hand. I contacted the installation order department.
    Traditional engineers, they said to find BT, BT said they couldn't do anything
    Help, so I don't know if I know how to do it. thanks





Hi Dragon11


I would need to check depending on exactly what service you have with us, can you please send over a Private Message with some account details and I can check this for you?