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Cancelling a bt contract


So I have just recently closed my business down and went to cancel my contract. I had renewed the contract a year and a half ago and thought I was on a two year contract. It turns out that it was only the internet that was on a two year contract and the phone contract now does not finish until 2022!!!!! I was totally unaware of this and bt now say they want £1200 to finish the contract. Has anyone else had the same problems, do I have any options, have I been missold?


Thanks in advance


BT Employee
BT Employee

Hi Pottster


Very sorry to hear you have experienced these issues. You could well have been mis-sold. If you cotact our support team on 0800 800 152 and speak to them about this, advising you were unaware you were in contract, they should be able to raise a mis-sale and get your original call at the point of sale listened to.