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Change over to Digital.


We are a car sales business and have had the same phone line with BT for 25+years. Recently was asked to change over to digital and all the equipment was sent out. On Wednesday the 3rd of July a engineer set it all up and informed me that the new phone and Hub will connect automatically, however just for now keep your old phone plugged into the wall till the morning when you will be good to go. Ten minutes after he left there was NO phone line at all. Arrived for work the next day Thursday the 4th and NOTHING, only a flashing light from the YEALINK Hub. Phoned various numbers to no avail, all the operatives from another country were trying to tell me to unplug this and that and sadly i found it very difficult to understand them. Finally one person informed me that he thought what had happened was this....Instead of a easy change over, somebody has DISCONNECTED the Phone line completely. Does anybody in this community know who to contact regarding having our phone back and installing the Digital system properly so we can do some Business. It is now SATURDAY and nobody from BT has bothered to contact us at all. Its as though 25 years with them means nothing.





Contact BT Customer Support  at 0800-783-1401


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Costco Employee

Sadly, when you input the number your calling about, i.e. our business number, it is not recognised. Then you have the option to discuss home phone problems. Complete joke.