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Is cancelling and then rejoining BT Broadband worth it?


Hey so I've been on a 24-month BT Broadband Subscription. It's called the "Full Fibre 100" package, and it costs £45.66 per month.My contract ends in 16 days, and they are offering a renewal price of basically exactly the same price - £45.66.

However, if I log on as a new customer to the BT website, their introductory offer actually says you can get "Full Fibre 500" (so the same package as mine but better - 500Mb instead of 100Mb DL speed) for the price of £30.99 for 24 months contract.

If you do the cost saving that comes to about £352 savings over the 2 years.

When I phoned up BT and told them this, they said they cannot offer me anything lower than £45.66. The £30.99 is for new customers. I said to them, "What is stopping me cancelling and then rejoining at the significantly lower price" and his response was that there isn't, except I would have to post back my WiFi Hub & extenders, for them to essentially resend out the exact same equipment a few days later (this is clearly their game to add friction to switching). He said this also has a cost of maybe £40 or something.

Therefore ultimately, I could save around £300 if I go through the hassle of cancelling, returning the equipment, and then rejoining. My biggest fear with all this is how long do you think my internet would be cut off for (if at all)? My partner and I both work from home, so connectivity is fairly important, but if it was a couple of days, we could get by on iPhone 4G/5G tethering. But if it was likely to be a 1 week or more, I don't know it feels like a lot of time without reliable internet.

So my question is has anyone done something like this before? How much of a hassle is cancelling then immediately rejoining, and how long is the internet likely to be cut off for?