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Lost dialtone on AUX (multi line) group after *21* call diversion activated


Hi all,


One of our customers has a multi line analogue AUX group (9 lines provided by BT all with the same number, it's a hotel) and has just ordered BT Call Divert (customer controlled) on those lines. This morning they activated the divert by dialling *21* (mobile number to divert to) #, and it works fine, all incoming calls are diverted to their divert number, but they have lost dialtone on all their lines it seems. I was under the impression that they would get broken dialtone (on-off-on etc) on their lines when diverted but the lines are just dead. They can't cancel the divert because they can't dial #21# with no dialtone. Has anybody had any experience with placing a call diversion on an analogue AUX group before, please? Is there a way to control the *21* call divert remotely, maybe from another line?






BT Employee
BT Employee

Hi Dave


There is a Smart Divert service that let's you control this remotely yes, but you would have to speak to our tech team on 0800 800 154, or via Livechat, to see if that is something that can be added on this line. It is very strange that the dial tone has gone on all the other line. Even if they were diverting, you should still be able to dial out - so therefore it could be a poorly timed line fault, that the afforementioned team would also be able to check for you.


Definitely give them a buzz if you haven't already, and we can see about getting this one rectified for you ASAP!