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New BT Quantum System!!!


We have recently got the Mitel 8568 system and kinda been sold as everything we could ever need in a phone, but we dont even see what phone number is calling, is this a setting within the phone, or a subscription issue.


At the time of getting the new phone system the sales guy also upgraded out landline and internet contract, if this is a subscription issue surely he should have included it so we got the full benefit of the new phone system, or does it not display numbers?


I have emailed the rep twice and both times he has read my email and both times he has not bothered to respond (and why should he, he has got the sale!)


Any advice would be gratefully received.


BT Employee
BT Employee

Hi Miguel


Sorry to hear you are having these issues and that you haven't heard anything back from the rep you were messaging, they really should have followed up with yourself to make sure that the service is as it should be.


Moving forward, I would recommend giving our Mitel advice line a call, as they would be best to advise you and see about resolving your issues. So long as you have the Mitel maintenance purchased through us they will be able to assist. You can reach them on 0800 181 556.


All the best with this one1