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Using a PSTN handset on a Smarthub, The socket is there but where is the functionality ?


I had high hopes the Green socket on the back of my Smarthub-2 labelled "PHONE" was designed for a real handset and would enable my new Digital Voice Cloud to work in just the way I wanted.


I plugged in my DECT base unit that is old but proven tech.

Then I jumped through all the hoops to get the cloud service on my mobile so it would be activated.


It didnt activate, the "Phone" socket that has a PSTN plug profile does not offer the service I was expecting.


I expect I could answer my house phone through my mobile from the third floor of a multistory car park in Birmingham.

This is not what I want though, I wanted to answer it from the sofa in my front room using the DECT phone I have been using for a while.

In fact I want whoever is at home when the phone rings to be able to just pick up a phone and say "Hello?"

This is the purpose of a "Home Phone"


Somehow my residential phone line has been kidnapped, bundled into a van and dropped off inside BT BUSINESS.


I want my residential home number back, it was never a business number.

It would be great to port the number to a VoiP provider and make it work in a way that BT no longer seem able to provide.


I have a SIP gateway ready, I just want to make it happen now, far away from the circular madness of many broken web portals that seem to be all that remains of the company.


What happened to British Telecom, does it still exist ?


I have been a BT business customer for less than 24 hours, the regret is very strong.



Hi Buzby


You can not plug a DECT phone into our Business Smart Hubs. We sell compatible digital handsets or you can use the app. 


You mention this is a residential phone number but you've taken out a business contract. Our business terms and conditions would apply to your services if that's the case. If you send a private message with some account details, I can check into what you have specifically. 



I have a BT base station that is used by a number of DECT handsets, you know the ones, DECT for the wireless bit to the handsets and the base station plugs into the PHONE bit of an ADSL filter.


I am fairly confident the ZEN can provide what I want and that BT cannot


I have a Cisco ATA122 Phone adapter and a BT handset, how do I connect this to the CVE environment ?