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BT Cloud Phone and MS Outlook


I have very recently installed the Cloud Phone App on my MS Surface. In Settings, in the Contacts Page, I have selected the Outlook plug-in and clicked to View Outlook contacts and selected my Outlook profile. The plug-in then becomes embedded in Outlook as I would expect and the Contcats appear in the App. If I close Outlook, the Outlook symbol in the Taskbar shows that 'Another Program is using Outlook and to click the Outlook icon and select exit to disconnect'. However, after doing this, even with the Cloud Phone App closed, the Outlook symbol shows the same message. Also, if I restart or shut down the Surface, MS Outlook starts automatically without me opening it. Does anyone know if this is all as it should be, or is there a bug or configuration error?



I had problems with the contact page too but the problem was of another kind. I couldn't edit contacts. Their zip codes. I was checking them (codes) here and was editing my contacts but nothing happened. It got fixed after a patch.