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BT Cloud Voice - Extra Local Numbers




My current issue with BT Cloud voice is that some extra local numbers I set up around October last year and were working fine, following a recent BT platform migration/upgrade are not working. I have spoken to support and they will get back to me tomorrow and hopefully it will be sorted. But in the meantime, I wondered if anyone had found the same problem.


I just wanted to make some general comments about BT Cloud Voice and how we have found it since moving over from ISDN.


ISDN served us well for many years, but was not perfect. Features like call recording and logging were either not possible or very expensive to setup. Downtime could also be an issue. I can remember losing all phone for about 3 days and then sorting it out and being contacted by BT to say they had put us down for cancelation of our lines. I got to it before the lines were canceled but this was a very stressful time indeed and completely unnecessary. If I did not know better I would think someone in our BT Local Business centre took a disliking to me and put us down for cancelation.


I have BT fibre and use all BT equipment to avoid the 'it not us guv' senario.


If you are thinking of going over to BT Cloud Voice, in general, I can say it is very good, but you should expect a bit more downtime. The problem is that BT Cloud Voice is only as good as your internet connection. We get about 75 meg download and 20 meg upload so should be plenty for the five phones and five computers we use.


We use a call overflow company and one strange issue we have that continues is every now and again the phones will not ring in our office but will go through to the overflow. At least the phone does get answered but this does seem to be a problem level 1 BT Cloud Voice support cannot get to the bottom of.


I am concerned that BT Cloud Voice uses a blend of software suppliers to work. I think I noticed there is an American company supplying much of the software needed. I don't think this makes it easy for BT Cloud Voice support to get issues resolved quickly. 


Another migration issue I had recently caused problems with our office 365 licenses. Email aliases were migrated into full email addresses. This produced a bill around the 1500 pound mark and I had to claim it back from BT.


BT also seems to suffer from a blend of login interfaces and accounts. Some of my contact details from 20 years ago are still showing and cannot be updated. If this is general this again must cause massive problems for those poor employees trying to deliver support.


If anyone has had similar problems and knows how to resolve please let me know. I would also like to know if failover using a mobile connection is possible?


Thank You!



















Grand Guru

Hi there paulclarke2010


I don't have knowledge on Cloud Voice to be able to answer your post, what I have done is contact the Cloud Voice team to get a response from them.


I know you said you have fibre broadand and are using this to run your Cloud service too, have you thought about a BT Net Express line for more reliability as it has a guaranteed SLA