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BT Cloud Voice - Live reporting




We are just starting to move off of an old BCM450 currently sat on SIP over BTNET.


We currently run call monitoring and recording through a 3rd party via exporting cdr's. Doing this we are able to extract live information and it display it in wallboards for departments to monitor and react etc.


Signing up to BT cloud voice. I can't see anywhere where it says live reporting is included. Looks to me that it isnt and it relies on historical data.


Does anyone know if it offers the features that Cloud Phone does. I.E. Widgets, live reporting etc. Seems crazy that it doesnt do this.


Also another question which i probably already know the answer to.... Does the cloud system allow for cdrs to be exported so in a last case scenario we can carry on using 3rd party monitoring?






Super User

Hey cloudnewbie,


You're best speaking with the Cloud team about this on telephone number 0800 389 0537, they will be able to confirm the capabilities of the Cloud services. 


Thanks, Bobby