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BT Cloud Voice and Home Working


We have T46G ip handsets and one of the employees took it home to set-up there. However, the phone just shows invalid account message and would not connect. He is using BT Home Hub 5 and we were told by not very helpful support that because of this router the phone will not work as SIP ALG cannot be disabled on Home Hub. Is there any way to make the phone work? Would almost be funny that BT's own hub is the problem and advice is to use a different hub but it is not funny as the communicator app is too unreliable so home working is almost impossible.


BT Employee
BT Employee

Hi Mask2082


Sorry to hear you are having these issues. I believe what you have been advised is correct - with that setting only being available on the business hub rather than a home hub. I am not sure if there are any other workarounds, but it might be worth speaking to our cloud team again to perhaps divert any calls going to that cloud phone to a mobile or landline on your employees site if that is at all possible?


Without having the functionality on the router it may be the best way of proceeding, but I would recommend speaking with our cloud team directly on 0800 389 0598 if you have not already to discuss the most suitable path of action for this one.





Thank you Ryan. But looks like there is no solution to this apart from changing the router. So, we will use the app on a smart phone, not ideal as for business purposes it is too unreliable. Half of the time the app does not even ring when you try call the number it is logged in with.