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Frequently asked questions - Phone systems

How do I log into the cloud phone app? Here’s a link to the guide for logging to the BT Cloud Work Mobile App, here’s how to access the BT Cloud Voice portal, here’s how to access the BT Cloud Voice Express app and here’s how to access the BT One Pho...

BethM by Administrator
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Hosted Voice and Broadband Voice migration

Hi All,   If you are experiencing any problems or have any questions relating to your Broadband Voice or Hosted Voice Product or your move to another BT service as a result of the closure of these products, please contact the following  numbers where...

markp by Grand Guru
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Cloud Phone number porting woes

 I've used example phone numbers to try and keep this simple !We have a land line (fast broadband) with broadband, tel. no 333 Office manager buys Cloud Phone with 2 handsets, tel number 888 Plug the Cloud Phone into BT hub (on 333 number), set up no...

dag by Member
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hi does the bt quantum have a cdr client output like the bcm 50? thanks

BT Cloud transfer Shambles

We were phoned by BT to change from our ISDN to a BT Cloud Phone system.  It appeared to be a good move forward especially as we were told that all services would be forced to move over the next 5 years anyway.  We have had nothing but trouble with t...

SimonUK by Member
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BT cloud issues - resolved with new router

We switched over to the BT cloud phone system around March this year (including a switch to BT business broadband) and have had constant issues with call quality, calls dropping, unable to put people on hold due to a one way voice issue, etc.. Issues...

Jam0r by Member
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Number porting

Hi, I've just been looking into upgrading our broadband. During the conversation with the sale person I said we have 2 voip numbers, one of which has a geographical number attached to it. I was told by the sales person that we could keep the fax numb...

Paddy78 by Member
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Resolved! PDF files issue

I'm trying to recover a folder with some critical data that was damaged or corrupted, likely by a virus. It’s a 10GB folder that contains PDF documents. None will open, and each report that the format of the file is invalid and/or does not match the ...


End of VOIP services

 In a call to the helpdesk I was informed that BT is to stop the standard VOIP - Business Broadband Voice service in a few months time.   I have not had any email communications to confirm this even though there is a claim that users have been inform...

MHC by Guru
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BT Cloud Voice and iphone

Just had Cloud Voice installed. when answering an incoming call on an iphone 5 or 6 I have to swipe and then put in the PIN before I can answer it. this takes several  seconds, Is this correct? I expected to be able to answer or decline the call with...

KCH by Member
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Resolved! Linked tables corrupted Access 2007

I have been using an access database for some years now, it comprises of a front end called sitecal.mdb and has a backend which I think are all linked tables called sitedata.mdbLast week the sitedata.mdb which contains the linked tables crashed and I...

domingo by Member
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Avaya IP Office

I had the IP office system on my pc. The pc has now been moved to another part of the room. I have a new pc & would like to add the program. I have the initial disc to load this but there seems to be a broken link. On the initial pc there's an issue ...