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BT Handset Issues





I am a BT Business customer and after some issues with patchy audio we have recently switched to the 'BT Premium Cordless Telephone & Answering Machine - Triple' handsets. 


Since using these handsets we have had continued issues. We even called out BT maintenance at a high cost, only to be told that the issue seemed to be the phones themselves. 

The first issue we are experiencing is that the answerphone doesn't seem to stop! I came into work at 8am to find that someone was leaving a message, half an hour later this was still happening. The only way to stop this message, was to press 'answer' and then hang up. 


It later transpired that this message had been left at 10:30pm - so the phone had been left as 'engaged' all evening. 


This is just one example - this issue seems to be taking place around twice a day. 


The other issue is the blaring alarm sound on the handset in our cellar. Again around twice a day (doesn't seem to be linked to answerphone issues) an alarm begins to sound on the handset in our cellar - the only way to resolve this is to unplug the phone at the base multiple times, until it is able to find the other handsets (sometimes this takes two or three tries). 


Please could someone advise on how we might resolve these issues, if they are just user error we are keen to sort them out quickly! Thank you in advance. 

Note: Our previous handsets were also BT and didn't experience either of the above issues. 




Hi izzygrace


If you need some help with your phones, you can call 0800 145 6789 for assistance.