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BT Moedem question


I been with VM for the last 10 years and it was easy to use my own router by putting VM's hub into modem/bridge mode, but I'm getting really frustrated with BT. I was told that BT's Hub2 cannot be placed into bridge mode or modem mode, and I would have to buy my own modem, which I didturns out it was the wrong one as my setup might not be DSL and is VdSL. Does anyone know how do I go about in finding out which setup I have? I'm getting 60mbs down, i have that phone cable with the white box plugging into the wall. Bt isn’t much help I keep on getting asked why do you want to use your own router and we do not support other peoples routers so we cannot help you. if it's a VDSL modem I need, should I go with a cheap Huawei or go with something better? I don't see my speeds going higher than 60, but I do use my network for a lot of smart home tech. Thank you.



If you use Windows look for the BT Hub in File Explorer under 'Network and click on it.  You should be able to find what sort of connection you have.  My hub is the earlier model but is probably similar.  Click on 'Status' and look under 'connection type'

When in Bridge mode, the light will turn orange.


I think it is the Smart Hub 3 that, currently, does not have Bridge mode.

When you confirm the connection type, I can suggest a router.


Why do you want to use your own router?

Have you got a username and password from BT?  The generic '' won't work in Bridge mode.